About Us

Welcome to Sushi Hana Fusion Cuisine in Richmond, TX.

Who we are?

Sushi Hana Fusion Cuisine is your ultimate sushi stop in Richmond, Texas. With us you will find the finest quality and the most scrumptious variety of sushi there exists in the whole of Richmond.

Because we’re passionate about food ourselves, we have established a restaurant where you can come in without any hesitation and taste some of the most delicious sushi and other food items that you’ll never find anywhere in Richmond.

How it began?

It was the year 1999 when we first realized our passion for sushi. We wanted to taste the authentic sushi and being unable to find it anywhere else in the entire market, we settled for our own original sushi recipe, imported right from Japan. And today Sushi Hana Fusion Cuisine has become one of the most notable restaurants in Richmond known for serving the most authentic and original tasting sushi to be found anywhere else.

Our Mission

We are focused on serving the highest quality of most authentic meals you’ll find in Richmond. Our chefs have been trained by the very best when it comes to food and their taste speaks for them at our restaurant.

We welcome you to come and try some of our best sushi and fusion cuisines in Richmond any time.